• need a tool for
    selling ?
    your phone contacts could help you !
    Buy and
    thanks to your friends :)
  • have you ever
    thought about it ?
    buy and sell with the word-of-mouth

The new way to buy and sell. Discover the new and exciting world of WOMS (Word-Of-Mouth Sales)

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WOMS is incredibly simply friendly easy and safe to use.



Our logo

Is a stylized 'W' that remember two uvula ... the word-of-mouth !

Main features

Active community

Share and comment the items, you will help community to grow and expand

HTML5 / CSS3 / Cloud

Cutting edge technologies for a brand new tool


No costs to search, publish and manage items for sell


None of your contact's data will be saved on our systems, just your phone number

Active contacts

If you find an interesting item, share it with your contacts in order to wide his visibility

Always with you

WOMS works over the main mobile platforms

and much more ...

Publish and manage your items in a simple and easy way: you can make them visible to your contacts, make them invisible or re-publish in a click.
Every user can comment, advise and discuss for every item on sales directly in the item detail page.
Access codes are crypted and saved in a safe place: only you can then use them to access WOMS.

How WOMS works ?

Meet the WOMS Team